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The following table explains how to use VBScript keywords.
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Am I having a stupid moment?To maintain the flow of the article, we've left these URLs in the text, but disabled the links.The easiest way to test for foxit pdf editor 2.2 1 build 1119 full a null value in.0 is by testing for the Null keyword, as the following code shows: If Not rs(0) Null Then Text1.Text rs(0).Empty and Null values can also appear as default values for Optional parameters, as in this code: Sub Test(Optional ByVal value As Variant Empty, _ Optional ByVal value2 As Variant Null) '.Text property as follows: txtDateSold.For example, consider the following VB6 code.When I ran Profiler on the T code that used the DataAdapter Fill method to execute the query, Profiler reported that the following query resulted: exec AcceptNullParms @DateShipped default, @QtyOrdered null I set the second lue property to lue to pass null as the data.Else Text1.Text " Unknown end If, you can also test for null values in.0 by using keyspan usa 19h driver the IsNull function, as the following code shows: If IsNull(rs DateShipped Then txtDateShipped.The second parameter is required but can be set to null in your T code (as Listing 2 shows) when you set up the Parameters collection.Text drReader(0).ToString, end If, the next technique compares the data value in dv by using the expression Is lue, which returns True if the object referenced is null: If dv Is lue Then txtDateShipped.Please keep in mind that VB Migration Partner is unable to correctly translate Empty and Null values that appear in constant definitions.Note that a null value in a data column isn't the same as an empty or null string or any other placeholder that can serve to show that the value isn't known.