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Pdf :55:28 (eBook) (Survival) Homemade soap.
Army Field Manual for the windows media player 2012 full version Treatment of Biological Warfare Agent Casualties (Anthrax, Smallpox, Plague, Viral Fevers, Toxins, Delivery Methods, Detection, Symptoms, Treatment, Equipment).
FM 2-23.35, combat Training with Pistols, M9 and M11.Army Forces in the Field * FM 30-26 Regulations for Correspondents Accompanying.S.Army snipers killed 1,187 Vietcong in one five-month period and expended only.37 rounds per kill.Pdf :16:52 (eBook) - Nuclear Biological Chemical Warfare Survival.Army Tactical Satellite Communications (FM 24-11 Milstar, UHF, Multichannel, Manpack, Antijamming.Marine Corps Close Combat Manual This exclusive new manual contains the most current close combat methods being taught.S.FM 1-20, tactics and Techniques of Air Reconnaissance and Observation.Ground (1940) FM 23-50 Browning Machine Gun, Caliber.30, HB M1919A4 (Mounted in Combat Vehicles) FM 23-55 Browning Machine Gun, Caliber.30, M1917 FM 23-60 Browning Machine Gun, Caliber.50, HB, M2, Ground FM 23-65 Browning Machine Gun, Caliber.50, HB, M2 FM mm Gun, Anti-tank, M3 *.Org, fM 21-75, combat Skills of the Soldier.Military has actively developed defensive strategies to combat nuclear, biological, and chemical (NBC) threats.The editors have distilled these training references into a compact guide that may form part of a larger civilian defensive application reference library.In the preface, it states: This manual is a basic reference document for using the tactical satellite (tacsat) communications system.US Navy Machinery Repairman Handbook.It is designed to standardize procedures for initial qualification and training of personnel in their duties and responsibilities in airborne operations.