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Presets are organized into 7 unique collections.Topaz Moment, Production Edition, has two applications.These presets are awesome time savers and make great starting points but if you are not 100 happy, simply use the slider to the right tweak the programs detail enhancement, adaptive exposure and adaptive color technology produce the image you want exactly.If you are new to the Topaz Adjust honda civic dx 2010 manual program you will notice that it is a great creative image enhancement tool that gives you the power to dynamically enhance your image.In other words, it doesn't run on its own but is dependent on other products for some of their functionality.With, topaz Adjust you can do in literally seconds, what it might take a well trained Photoshop enthusiast 30 minutes.Topaz Adjust is not a stand alone app, but a plugin software for your favorite image editor.For example, in Photoshop click "Filters Topaz Adjust " then you will be placed into the Topaz work environment to tweak your photo.Adjust also simplifies the HDR process, allowing you to instantly enhance local contrast, depth, detail and color with just a single image.You can use this plugin with gimp as well, but first, you must install pspi by Tor Lillqvist soGimp is compatible with Photoshop Plugins.Stack multiple effects and presets during the same workflow.TM Batch is an application that can be used to setup jobs to do batch captures of many videos.Features of Topaz Adjust 4: » Dynamically and creatively make your images pop » Fine tune images to match your artistic vision » Rescue the integrity of dull images by introducing vibrant color and detail effects » Intelligent detail enhancement / reduction with innovative detail.Localized reset all buttons.Photoshop Elements, paint Shop Pro, game pc front mission 4 photoImpact X3, irfanview.Preset Enable / Disable option.Features options for diffusion, grain, borders, vignettes, tone adjustments and overall transparency adjustment.Topaz Adjust.0.0 Shareware / English.Topaz Adjust is a plug-in for Adobe Photoshop and other graphic programs (called host programs) that support Photoshop plug-ins.