survivor season 10 episode 13

Emily says we need to do more.
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They tell him the agent has been out of contact.Kirkman says youre not president and belkin router n750db software says he agreed to a timeline.She says too much is at stake and says trust your instincts.She had no idea.Emily texts that the cavalry is there.She calls Kirkman a footnote and Aaron says its a pleasure seeing her and dismisses her effectively.A man dials a satellite phone and logs onto a website.Emily says Kirkman is thoughtful and reasonable.Alex hugs him and reminds him their first night when she wanted to leave.On the plane, Emily talks to Royce and he says she gave him no choice.She says Royce is a bully and they need to stand up with him.Mutiny in Michigan, the guard comes out weapons drawn.He tells him to federalize the Michigan national guard.Kirkman says they wont bomb one of their own and says wait til the agent makes contact.
Aaron calls Emily and tells her to be careful since things are tense in Michigan.
Kirkman says all Americans are owed protection.