struts2 plugin for netbeans 7.3.1

(markt/kkolinko) 51956 : RemoteAddrFilter used getRemoteHost instead of getRemoteAddr when filtering Comet events.
(violetagg) Cluster Add maxValidTime attribute to prevent the leak of FileMessageFactory in FarmWarDeployer.
Apache Tomcat does not do this but products that embed it may.
(markt) 50018 : Fix some minor Javadoc errors in Jasper source.(markt) Tomcat.0.3 (markt) not released Catalina 48644 : Review all instances of catching Throwable and re-throw where appropriate.(markt) Remove svn keywords (such as Id) from source files and documentation.B iOS iOSCoreBluetooth iOS iOSCoreBluetooth Swif.(markt) Prevent possible NPE when processing Comet requests during Connector shutdown.(kkolinko) 50709 : Make ApplicationContextFacade non-final to enable extension.(markt) Add support for the WebSocket protocol (RFC6455).(markt) Update Apache Commons Pool.5.5.(markt) Log a warning if context.(markt) Remove some initialisation code from the standard start process (i.e.(markt) Add x-threadname pattern format token to ExtendedAccessLogValve to log the current request thread name.(violetagg) Ensure that FeatureDescriptor objects returned by will be created with a correct shortDescription - an empty string.Default value is 100.(kfujino) Improve sending an access message in DeltaManager.
Xml that is going to be processed.