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If Chewbacca steals one of your AT-ST's, quickly get another vehicle to destroy it and then deploy a spare AT-ST to replace the one Chewbacca stole.
Recommended Relel infantry: As the Rebels, you may have noticed the strength of their infantry.
This is beacause Chewbacca has the ability to steal AT-ST's.Recommended Empire space fleet.The gaurds will take care of most enemies.Then when you destroy the generators show them what y-wings can do and bomb 'EM!DO NOT try to use this trick on a planet occupied by Red Squadron, otherwise you will automatically lose the game.Well, here are a few tips for your psp full version for the starting Imperial level.The new expansion brings plenty of improvements and some surprising additions to the Galactic Civil War.Your artillery should also help destroy the buildings.The Death Star should be in its gta san andreas lamborghini cheat code own fleet, with no other units.No files were found matching the criteria specified.It may also help to have some T2-B Tank squadrons).If in space use your ships to attack the enemy Rebel Space use ur X-wings, and Y-wings (A-wings too) to attack the enemies bigger ships they are somewhat weak against the smal fighters since their big laser can't seem to hit your ships (even works.
You also can put soldiers and other vehicles in the middle for sight too.
If one of them is about to die, make them explode, that way they steal deal damage while being destroyed.