sony gps cs1 software

The track logs are standard nmea sentences so the data can be used in almost any GPS program; the only addition is a single-line header Sonygps/ver1.0/wgs-84".
It can store weeks of data in its 31MB memory.
You can use any, gPS device for the same purpose.But when locked up its reception is fairly reasonable.It is relatively cheap (certainly in the UK only a Bluetooth unit is cheaper but they have no memory).The manual says it can be covered by textiles so I am hoping it can be kept in a rucksack pocket for example.It works like a regular USB flash memory stick so you just plug it in the get the files off (and it can be used for other files too).If you're going to be in a hotel each night and not likely to lose, drop, damage, or have a GPS stolen you might think differently!It doesn't appear to work in aeroplanes, much to my disappointment.Software can read the time 12:05 from the inside the image, work out from the GPS exactly where I was at 12:05 and write the location into a hidden part of the image file.At 12:10 I am at the top of my road and the GPS records my position.Then when you get home you can "tag" each photo with the location it was taken.It has plotted the route in red: Zoom in: you can see where we flew over the Øresund Bridge (Sweden - Denmark) and I took a photo of the bridge from the window.This is only mentioned in a short sentence in the manual after you have bought the product.At 12:05 I am half-way up my road and take a photograph; the camera writes 12:05 into a hidden part of the image file.It is quite robust (no fragile screen to worry about).This can be done completely automatically by software which knows exactly what time the photo was taken (this is done by the camera and compares it with the location from the GPS at that time.I used gpsbabel to convert the output from my GPS into a so-called GPX file, then used RoboGeo to create a so-called KMZ file for Google Earth.The principal works like this: leave your GPS switched on all day, recording the position every 15 seconds.How much data can it hold?Batteries can be bought anywhere in the world if you run out (standard AA) and they can be rechargeable if you like; much better than a built-in Lithium-Ion battery which needs a charger plugged into a wall socket every night.
The nmea sentences are as follows: An nmea reference from Glenn Baddeley suggests manual de nintendo 64 en espaгol para pc 1 link that: gpgga Fix data: gpgsa DOP and active satellites: gpgsv Satellites in view: gpgsv Satellites in view gprmc Recommended Minimum Specific GPS/transit Data: gpvtg Track Made Good and Ground Speed: All lines.
File Format The device stores plain text files whose names are WG followed by the date and time,.