smith and wesson m&p 9mm manual

The M P Shield is a single stack striker-fired handgun available in both 9mm and.40 caliber hp pavilion driver update utility with a barrel length.1 inches.
All of the controls are in the same place with a small, single-side safety in the same spot where a typical 1911s would ride.
Ported Shield 9mm field test, after shooting the Ported Shield in 9mm and carefully considering its specifications, below are my evaluations for each of my 10 criteria for my concealed carry purpose.Smaller pistols are more accurate, reliable, controllable and better-suited for fighting than ever before.At the range, I shot my first 3 mags loaded with 8 rounds each at 7 yards in fast fire and all hits were in the 7 to 10 rings.The firearm comes standard with optional thumb safety as well as standard trigger safety, along with traditional three white dot sights.The reset was very tactile and identifiable.The gun did most of the work and my groups at each of the distances were about.0-3.5 inches or less for the first time I ever fired the gun out of the box. .One of the benefits of the gun being part of an established line is that there is already a plethora of accessories in the market.The width of the frame is a little less than an inch, making this firearm considerably compact and easy to conceal.Although I am red color blind and was not helped by the red rear fiber optics, the green front sights really made the sights stand out and helped me get a quick sight picture.The porting did seem to reduce the muzzle rise when I shot it, which allowed me faster follow-up shots;. .The Shield has.3-inch sight radius and usable white-dot sights for better aiming.The gun I had was chambered in 9mm, but.40 S W is also available.
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Even with such a fast load, recoil felt the same or less when compared to any of the other defensive loads we shot.