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Enter Prince XML, prince XML 1 is a PDF generation library that utilizes html and bushnell yardage pro 1000 user manual CSS as source xbox 360ing cheats for gta 4 material, outputting a well-styled, professional-looking PDF document in the process.We wont be bothering with any of the ActiveRecord setup, instead well write a quick class that will generate fake articles for us using the Faker 3 gem (add m faker to your environment.No If you have installed the system libraries and have configured the path correctly in your app correctly, you dont need to install he wkhtmltopdf-binary gem seperately.Installing it simply via emphasis sudo apt-get install wkhtmltopdf on Ubuntu will install a reduced functionality version which is probably not what you want.Here, compiled into one volume, are all the habits Charlotte mentioned in her writings with her thoughts and suggestions for cultivating each one.Go Forth and Print This example was extremely simple, but thats the beauty of Prince and Princely: you can create top-quality PDFs with as little effort as possible.Which one to chose?I came across Prince when I needed slick, polished PDFs for a project that was on a severe time crunch.You may also be interested in the companion book.In fact, if you now visit /articles/1234.pdf in your application, you should be prompted to download a PDF file with a random Lorem-ipsum title.Charlotte Mason, charlotte likened good habits to rails on which our childrens lives could run smoothly.We will be doing so in two steps: first we will update our controller to output PDF content and second we will create a custom print stylesheet to make the output look nice.h1 # or from your controller, using views templates and all Generate_pdf options as normal pdf render_to_string :pdf "some_file_name" # then save to a file save_path in pdfs filename.
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Installation, since we use Ubuntu for development I will be covering steps for installations for ubuntu machines.