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If You're in the Market for a D5000 July 27 (news, opinion)- I mentioned that Nikon hasn't officially notified dealers about the problem in my original article below.
D5000 Service Advisory Update July 24 (news, opinion)- We now know why Nikon didn't provide a list of serial numbers with the original Service Advisory for the D5000: they're not going to tell you, at least not directly.No T on the bottom of your case means that you should apply for a free replacement."Use a Firewire card reader says Apple.You own a D200 and an 18-200mm lens and you've got US2000 to spend on your hobby this year.In no case did they raise prices enough to fully match the currency slide.However, after seeing price hikes in the 15-20 range for Nikkor lenses due to currency changes when the yen appreciated 24 against the dollar, don't you think it's about time to see the flip side of that with the dollar having rebounded.2?Software Updates April 23 -Some recent imaging software updates of note: Pixelmator released version.4.1 which fixes some performance issues and adds a noise filter.So, if you're looking for bargains and don't need high ISO much, the D2x/D2xs would be my choice amongst used offerings.It'll save you a few bucks this year and make you just as happy.My guess at an answer is "none." I'm guessing that we won't see another camera introduction from Nikon until late Spring at the earliest.And the Best Buy down the street gets that same support (or better).Yes, it's once again time for some Spring Cleaning.This has been tested and works on the Amazon Kindle DX, Sony Reader, and B N Nook.I'm also curious to see what the Coolpix sales were last quarter.I'll count that as a plus, though it's an unknown plus at the moment.It isn't, and it wouldn't be even if it were f/2.8.
Perhaps Nikon finally got tired of seeing Sigma selling so many 30mm lenses to D40, D40x, and D60 users.