search warrant manual law

The Sanchez court held, "although there is no statutory authority for the basic programing software 6.0 revalidation and reissuance of a search warrant, we see no good reason why, within 10 days of the original issuance, an officer should be precluded from presenting supplemental information to the issuing magistrate.
In cases where the police knew that people were in the house and that criminal activity was taking place, a 20-second delay was permissible.Superior Court, (1975) 45 Cal.App.3d 316, 320 Two recent cases have considered the applicability of California Penal Code sections 8 to situations where a house was secured pending receipt of a search warrant. When the officer takes property under the warrant, he must give a receipt for the property taken (specifying it in detail) to the person from whom it was taken by him, or in whose possession it was found; or, in the absence of any.App.2d 383, 391 The court held that the failure of the officers to explain their purpose and demand admittance, as required by California Penal Code section 844, was fatal to the legality of the arrest.Lovett, (1978) 82 Cal.App.2d 858, 868; "other evidence" is insufficient indiana jones action game ( Stern.App.2d 770, unannounced entry by the police into a house, contrary to California Penal Code section 1531, is illegal and that evidence adduced therefrom is inadmissible as the product of an unreasonable search.Probable cause "Probable cause" is a legal phrase.As shown above, this case is not the exceptional situation.App.4th 233, 240 It is settled that "all or any part of a search warrant affidavit may be sealed if necessary to implement the privilege under California Evidence Code section 1041 and protect the identity of a confidential informant." ( Hobbs, supra, 7 Cal.4th. If it hasn't been executed within that timeframe, it becomes void.37 If the warrant expires, it may be reissued as long as the judge still believes there is probable cause to support.38 It therefore follows that if the probable cause that existed at the.Under these circumstances it was proper for the officer to make immediate entry.231, 237,.Ct. Consequently, courts are not required to disclose "the identity of an informant who has supplied probable cause for the issuance of a search warrant.He must be neutral and detached, and he must be capable of determining whether probable cause exists for the requested arrest or search." ( Shadwick.
6California Penal Code 1528 - Issuance; magistrate satisfied as to grounds; formalities; command; duplicate original warrant.
When establishing "good cause" under this section, the magistrate shall consider the safety of the peace officers serving the warrant and the safety of the public as a valid basis for nighttime endorsements.