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(complete story; three oil-rig workers surviving a plane crash in a Saudi Arabian desert; artist Alonso) 1987.
(WW2 RAF; complete story; RAF minesweepers clearing Britain's shipping lanes of German mines).
(adventure; big sea-fishing; artist Marti; featuring Len Travers, Bert Cullum).
721 series starts (Turpin) 722 (Turpin, Platt, Willow) 723 (Turpin, Willow) 724 (Turpin, Willow) 730 (Willow, Simon Pegg, navigator) 742 (Turpin, Platt) 746 (Turpin, Willow) 749 (Turpin) 751 (Turpin, Willow) 754 (Turpin, Petty Officer Alf Lump) 755 (Turpin, Willow) 756 (Turpin, Willow) Reprinting of above.Larsen, Hork (sci-fi; series character) see Hork the Hunter.Blain, Major (no medals awarded; Chindits, Burma, 1944; on a dangerous mission to blow up a bridge, then being taken back by glider being snatched up by a dakota).1401 - Nigel Clough (footballer; Nottingham Forest).German Invasion of Olso, Norway by Germans; factual; Germans hoping to slip past defences in battleship Blucher, but discovered and sank by old fort at Oscarburg; 8/9th April, 1940; note - no title; artist not known) 1104.Guardians of the Headhunter (series characters; WW2 Army; 1942 retreating from Burma).This saves B B from having to make a suicide attack on the battleships.American western) see Rebel of the Iron Road.Stokehold Joe (series characters; First World War, Dardanelles; featuring Joe Higgins; Mouse; writer Aspden; artist Bagnall).19?; 2nd Leinster Regt.; his brother killed in action, O'Neill takes the fight to the Germans, also helped by an unknown Sergeant from the Worcestershire Regt.; artist Ted Rawlings) 628.(V.C.; WW2 Army; Battle of Crete, May 1941; New Zealander sniper; artist not known).Defending observation Post "Jim" from Italians; artist Sanchis?) 437.1944; Italy; commanding a platoon of the Hampshire Regiment; artist Diaz?) 133.Harmer, Petty Officer (true front/back cover story see Military Medal Winners.Joyce, Lance Sergeant (M.M.; WW2 Army; Welsh Guards; 02nd March, 1945) see Military Medal Winners.Masters, Harry (series; WW2 secret Service in occupied France; see Big Act, The.Hurricane Harry (series character; WW2 civilian Pacific sea story; chasing after gold in his ship Shady Pelican ; featuring Harry Higgins; Jose; artist Watson).Batsman From the Outback, The (series character; cricket; Australian install cracked ipa ios 5.1.1 themed story; featuring Johnny Gillard; artist Vandeput).(factual; WW2 RAF; 02nd June, 1943; island of Lampedusa, Mediterranean Sea; Sergeant.Grant, Jimmy (series character; sport; football) see Goals of Jimmy Grant.(title - Born To Fly; 1939; How Braddock learned to fly).
Jones, Commander Loftus (V.C.; WW1 RN; 31st May, 1916; Battle of Jutland; HMS Shark engaged German destroyers and was sunk; artist Sanchis?) 525.