rainbird pc206ps timer manual

10 14 Normal Operation Auto Watering occurs automatically according to programmed irrigation schedules.
11 15 Additional Features Water Now Start watering immediately for ALL Zones or for any ONE Zone.
Check valve wiring for damage and replace if necessary.
Water Now Start watering immediately for all Zones in sequence, or for any single Zone.To increase or decrease the rain delay press.Check that all wiring connections are secure.Press and hold back, then press and release the schedule button.Using a direct burial cable, connect one of the wires from the master image to pdf converter 3.3 keygen valve (or pump start relay) to the master valve terminal (M).While rain delay is enabled no scheduled watering will take place for any zones.9 13 4d Cyclic Days Press or to select Cyclic Days; then press next.3 7 Optional Accessories Connect an optional Master Valve, Pump Start Relay or Rain Sensor to the Timer.Press or to set the desired Run Time; then press next to begin watering.Master Valve Timers support the use of a master valve.Connect 120 VAC 2 If hard wiring for AC power, remove knockout for conduit 6 Wiring Connections Connect the valve wires for each Zone.Locate the wiring compartment in the lower lefthand corner of the unit and using a screwdriver, unscrew wiring compartment front cover.(Includes models ESP-4MEi, ESP-4ME frequently Asked Questions and Troubleshooting, why does my Rain Bird ESP-Me sprinkler timer run through all my stations, stop and then start watering all over again?Note: Press the auto button to resume normal operation.1 5 AT T 24VAC sensor COM Installation Tools and Supplies Needed Phillips screwdriver Wire stripper Hammer Valve wire: direct burial, color coded multistrand (not included) 18 gauge for runs less than 800 feet.After the rain delay days are completed the watering schedule will resume.Rain Bird ESP-Me Controller, WiFi Ready (Requires LNK Module false.54 3 bids.