probel mcm user's manual

Else returns.0 above(3,2) returns.0 below(a,b) 2 2 0 0 Returns.0 if a is below.
It works no matter the orientation as long as the sides are lined up correctly.
Recttopolr(2,3) returns around.606 recttopola(x,y) 2 2 0 0 Returns the polar angle (0.2PI) in radians of the rectangular co-ordinates.
Max(3,2,-5,-2,7) returns 7 pow(a,b) 2 2 0 0 The value a raised to the power.Pntchange(-1,1,0,480,-0.5) returns 120 (x example) pntchange(-1,1,480,0,-0.5) returns 360 (y example) poly(x,c1,.) 2 None 0 0 This function calculates the polynomial.Random(a,b) 2 2 0 0 Returns a number between a up to and including.Min(3,2,-5,-2,7) returns -5 max(v,.) 1 None 0 0 The maximum number passed.Examples: ysin(x-cos(5max(4,5,6*x 6(5-2 xy Expressions may also have whitespace characters and comments.These parameters are references to other variables.Tanh(1.5) returns around.905 atan(a) 1 1 0 0 The arc-tangent of a in radians.Cosh(1.5) returns around.352 acos(a) 1 1 0 0 The arc-cosine of a in radians.Clamp(8.2,1.3,4.7) returns.4 pntchange(side1old, side2old, side1new, side2new, oldpnt) 5 5 0 0 This is used to translate points from different scale.As long as the test is not.0, the action statements (a1 sony hcd- h505 user manual to an) are evaluated, the inc statement is evaluated, and the test is evaluated again.X is the value to use in the polynomial.For(x0,below(x,11 xx1,yyx) returns.0 (if y was initially.0) many(expr,.) 1 None 0 0 This function treats many subexpressions as a single object (function).Cos(1.5) returns around.0707 cosh(a) 1 1 0 0 The hyperbolic cosine.Vanderburg II) 64 ExprEval Internal Constants.The order of the normal parameters must remain the same and the order of the reference parameters must remain the same.