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Perl Best Practices, damian Conway, publisher: O'Reilly Media;, paperback: 544 pages.
Many of us have known Perl is a real programming language, worthy of all the tasks normally delegated to order management implementation manual Java and.
Much like Perl itself, these guidelines are about helping you to get your job done, without getting in the way.
I recommend this book to anyone who prefers getting on with the job rather than going back and fixing errors caused by syntax and poor style issues."- Jacinta Richardson"If you care about programming in any language read this book.Instead of each of us developing our own, we can learn good practices from one of Perl's most prolific and experienced authors.If you live in Australia, or aren't too far away, or just like to travel (who doesn't?Like other "style" books, this one makes a lot of good points, and some points I don't really agree with, but it's not a problem sifting them out.His goal was simple: take developers in the audience outside of their comfort zones by wrapping programming ideas and techniques in quantum mechanical clothinga truly brilliant idea delivered to perfection (I was engaged for the entire keynote, which isn't always the case, especially first thing.This book fills a large gap in every Perl bookshelf."- crack unlock crystal button 2008 full version Uri Guttman.They're focused entirely on problems they're solving, solutions they're creating, and algorithms they're implementing.They aren't conscious of all the choices they make, like how they format their source, the names they use for variables, or the kinds of loops they use.The speakers are exceptionalDave and team set a high bar!With a good dose of Aussie humor,.January 06, 2006 at 12:12 Tags.2011 Available formats for this video: Actual format may change based on video formats available and browser capability).
With Perl Best Practices, Damian shows specifically how and why, so everyone else can see, too."- Andy Lester "Damian's done what many thought impossible: show how to build large, maintainable Perl applications, while still letting Perl be the powerful, expressive language that programmers have loved.