pc temperature monitor software

While any object will radiate various light frequencies when heated to high temperature, the temperature at which the light becomes a certain color differs from object to object.
Color temperature refers to the color of light, serving as the standard index for color balance for a range of products, including monitors, cameras, and lighting equipment.
The color cast of an LCD monitor varies dramatically with color temperature settingsthe difference is hard to miss.The LCD monitors on some laptop PCs are set to higher color temperatures.This object (an idealized object, not one encountered in reality) is a black body, or perfect radiator.ColorNavigator software is designed for use with the ColorEdge series.Advanced environment monitor with 32 sensor capacity, light tower ready, high-end features PoE a professional choice for any facility.Eizo offers the ColorEdge series of color management-capable LCD monitors.Eizo EasyPIX, another tool, is available for the general-purpose FlexScan SX and FlexScan S series to make it easier to match colors.Color temperature is specified in units of Kelvin (K) of absolute temperature, not the degrees Celsius (C) used to express the temperature of air and other materials.Report Easy to create visual graphs to identify trends or trouble spots.A hardware calibration system uses a color sensor to measure colors on screen and controls the look-up table (LUT) in the LCD monitor directly.Special tools are needed to adjust color temperature precisely.