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However Treasure then reveals that he had manage to captured Usopp, Nami, Chopper, Robin and Brook, forcing Luffy to surrender to keep them from being hurt.
World Government and a man named, mad Treasure, as she is the only one who knows the location of the.
The officer decides it is for the best that it is lost since it keeps the world's balance in check.This is the second time Sanji fought the antagonist swordsman, the first being Heaby in the third movie.Tesoro brushes it off however and decides to find something to "entertain" himself with his vast fortune while the woman from Nami's flashback sits at his side as he laughs.With that, the two return to the beach and get the assistance of a dinosaur similar to Elizabeth, this one named Chavez, to cross the acid juices.Eventually, Luffy manages to break through Treasure's chain defenses and sends him legal psp games iso cso format flying into into Bonbonri's stomach lining.Bonbonri sucks up the ring and proceeds to do the same to the two ships.In the credits, we see that Acier and Olga opening up a lab on the island.References Edit Toei press release Site Navigation Edit v e?He manages to get the dinosaur to spit him out and scares off the younglings, however there turns out to be a rather chubby human in a costume among them.Both Luffy and he fight and are evenly matched.Olga makes a run for it and is seemingly cornered by Treasure's crew.He finds the girl, Myskina Olga being guarded by a masked CP0 agent who engages in battle with him.Olga takes that as a sign to never trust friends, but Nami states that she later found friends she could trust and that Olga should believe in Luffy.And he says that the outfits that show up on opening 13 of the actual anime One Piece (or the 15th anniversary one) are outfits they will wear for this movie.Brook, being a musician, volunteers to take the challenge but cannot play the final notes as the last page is faded out.