nosler manual 300 wsm brass

The Remington offering has faded from the scene, and the jurys still out club car golf cart maintenance manual on the Ruger, but the Winchester has proven popular among big game hunters.
As powders go, those of medium- slow burn rate such as H4350, IMR- 4350, H414, W760, Reloder 19, Vihtavouri N150 and Ramshot Hunter are tough to beat in either cartridge.
The body of this case is so fat (.555 inch) that the magnum size.535 inch rim must be rebated (made smaller in diameter than the cartridge body) to allow the cartridge to work with a magnum size bolt face.
Store Links, nosler Links, contact us Nosler Inc.To illustrate how the three cartridges compare in performance when handloaded to the same chamber pressure and fired in 24-inch barrels, I have included a comparison table made up of the fastest maximum loads shown for each in the 2010 edition.The latter is a bit larger in diameter, so its a tad more capacious.Shop Nosler m, rifles, nosler Navigator: Shop by Activity, nosler Account.Neither the author nor InterMedia Outdoors assumes any liability for accidents or injury resulting from the use or misuse of this data.By using special propellants, Hornady technicians found a way to virtually match the bullet speeds of the.300 WSM in the 20-inch barrel of Rugers new Model 77 Compact Magnum.From left:.300 Ruger Compact Magnum,.300 Remington Short Action Ultra Mag and.300 Winchester Short Magnum.According to my measurements, gross capacity of the.300 WSM is 8 percent greater than that of the.300 RCM and 9 percent greater than the.300 saum.The Hornady cartridge is basically a shortened and necked-down version of the.375 Ruger case whereas the Winchester and Remington cartridges are on the.404 Jeffrey case.The delay enabled Winchester to beat Remington to the punch by introducing its.300 WSM, and everyone knows that timing is just about everything when it comes to the success or failure of a new cartridge.The.270 WSM was introduced in 2001.The shoulder angle is a very sharp 35 degrees.The Remington and Winchester cartridges come close to duplicating the performance of the.300 Winchester Magnum, but they need a 24-inch barrel in order to.The case length.1 inches, and the overall cartridge length.86 inches.As you can see, the.300 WSM has a noticeable velocity edge when the three cartridges are loaded with 150- and 165-grain bullets, but when loaded with heavier bullets, their performance is quite closenot great enough to matter in the field.By Layne acres usa magazine pdf Simpson, usually this column is devoted to a single cartridge, but since the.300 Remington Short Action Ultra Mag,.300 WSM and.300 RCM are pretty much peas in a pod, I thought it might be interesting to compare them.In the unlikely event that Remington does someday drop the.300 saum, its case is easily formed from.300 WSM brass.The best all-around combination for either cartridge may just be a 165-grain bullet such as the Swift Scirocco, Hornady SST, Sierra GameKing or Nosler Ballistic Tip for deer-size game and the Swift A-Frame, Nosler Partition, Hornady GMX or Barnes TSX of the same weight for.Regardless of the cartridge, a quick-expanding 150-grain bullet is the proper deer medicine for open country hunting while a stout 180-grain bullet would not be a bad choice for the biggest of North American game.Sad to say, Remingtons short magnum never regained its footing and died an early death.Shooting reloads may void any warranty on your firearm.