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Classic Doom Mod, which allows you to play the original 1993 Ultimate Doom game on the Doom 3 engine - give it a try!
When using DoomEdit the only thing limiting your creativity is a bit of a learning curve and your own imagination.This is incredibly annoying, and long-time readers of my guides know two things that I don't believe in this crude protection system, and that while No-CD files are available to defeat it, I don't provide details about where to get them due to legal concerns.So if you've created an g file for Doom 3 (See the Advanced Tweaking section you can simply copy this file into the.If you have an itch to be creative, you can use the built-in DoomEdit editing tool included with the retail version of the game.Resurrection of Evil Expansion Pack, doom 3: Resurrection of Evil (ROE) is an official expansion pack recently released for Doom.Program FilesDoom 3d3xp directory and those tweaks will then also apply to ROE when it starts.Keep an eye on this guide for notification of further updates, and their performance impacts, as they are released.Don't be scared to experiment.However you shouldn't copy the g file across since there are differences between these files for Doom 3 and ROE.However as noted above, as of Version.2, Doom 3 and Doom 3 Resurrection of Evil no longer require a Doom 3 CD to remain in the drive to play.Just like earlier id games such as the Quake series and Return to Castle Wolfenstein, the engine driving Doom 3 is just too lush and malleable for any mod and map makers to pass.Doom 3 Versions.1 and below also have a CD check, whereby you must have the game CD in your CD/DVD drive to launch the game.Software like Alcohol, Daemon Tools and CloneCD can and will cause problems when attempting to install/run Doom 3, so if necessary uninstall this software to ensure Doom 3 runs without any problems.This is much better than the CD check which was annoying and thankfully this has been recognised and the check finally removed.In general all of the tweaks in this guide apply equally to Doom 3 and Doom 3 Resurrection of Evil, since ROE is pretty much just an 'official mod' for Doom 3 and not an entirely new game.Note that the editor starts in a window, so if you want to use DoomEdit regularly you should set your Doom 3 resolution to the same as your desktop, then set Doom 3 to run in Windowed mode (r_fullscreen 0) before launching DoomEdit.
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The main ones to hit the net are in these: Doom 3 Mod Pack #1, doom 3 Mod Pack #2.