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There are indeed a few hidden servicing costs in relation to the particle filter, but these will most likely be absorbed by the savings made in fuel consumption over time.
You may have to battle with trucks for real estate at the pump, and then there's the high flow nozzles and the messy residue that sometimes accompanies these.Peugeot is one of them.While I've always been interested in diesel power, having spent a good part of my life in Europe where they are more numerous, I am increasingly impressed with how the European importers are treating their diesel vehicles - that is, with the respect they deserve.Peugeot claims an impressive.7L/100km fuel consumption rate on the combined city/highway cycle.While most people understand that for each litre of diesel fuel consumed, you can travel further than crack unlock crystal button 2008 full version compared to a similar sized engine using a litre of petrol, there is a preconception in this country that diesel engines lack the performance of their petrol-powered counter.Based on current sales trends, that could translate to around 90,000 new diesel cars sold per annum in this country in just five years time.Diesel power in a small car guise with an automatic transmission makes for effortless driving, and we're very keen to spend more time with cars like the new 307 HDi XSE hatchback with the 6-speed automatic transmission to give you a better idea of what they're like.Results in Peugeot Cars 1-25 of 10,449, view all results, got one to sell?With the new 307 HDi.0-litre diesel now available with an automatic gearbox, and the new 207.6-litre diesel coming in 2007, Peugeot has big plans for the 'other, other' fuel type in Australia.Better yet, there's even an 'overboost' function that's automatically activated when at full throttle and hits between 17rpm, increasing torque to 340Nm.They last for about 210,000 kilometres before they need replacing, and cost around 1,400, but Peugeot was quick to point out that the fuel savings made by driving a diesel vehicle more than compensates for the extra servicing costs.Dropping a 6-speed automatic in a small car is almost unheard of - and in a diesel vehicle in a country where 98 of passenger cars are powered by petrol?And if you were to ask the French car company what it thinks about the future of diesels in Australia, the response will be immediate and very positive.The domain z is for sale.Though the price of petrol has dropped in recent weeks, the fact still remains that petrol is not as cheap as it was - and never will.Peugeot went to great lengths to explain every aspect of their HDi diesel engine technology, revealing that the particle filter is among the most important aspects of creating a cleaner diesel vehicle.
Yesterday we attended the launch of the 307 HDi in hatch and wagon variants, now featuring this new 6-speed automatic gearbox - which in itself is a rather big deal.