meade autostar 497 manual pdf

If you have an LX200GPS, begin by turning the game pc front mission 4 telescope on and disabling the internal GPS (select Setup Telescope GPS Alignment NO).
Turn on the GPS-StarBook adapter by sliding the power switch from 0.
Press the enter key to continue with alignment (or with LNT, first navigate to Align: Auto).
Watch the SiRFDemo window title and wait until it stops cycling thru different baud rate settings.The Meade #506 is a special adapter cable normally used to connect the telescope to a computer.Losmandy Gemini Level 3 or 4 (Gemini-2 or Gemini-2 Mini meade 494 Autostar (DS, ETX meade 495/497/497EP Autostar or Audiostar (ETX, LXD, LX90, LX80, LT).This has the advantage of using your existing PC-to-Telescope serial cable (or LAN cable for Vixen StarBook).You can begin by pulling the AUX plug or disconnecting the PS/2 connector (either of these will cut the power).If desired, use the "Options: Language" menu (default is English).The corresponding ROM file is present.If using a StarSense hand control, if prompted to enter the time, quickly press the enter key 9 times to bypass the time, date, zone and DST settings (leaving you at the Set Align Start prompt).Rapid sustained blinking indicates that the StarBook is in a non-init state (turn off the StarBook and the GPS-StarBook adapter and then proceed to step #6, do not use the StarBook until step #8 is complete).All major credit cards accepted).Exe note: Windows may indicate "Unknown Publisher" when you attempt to run the installation program since it is not digitally signed.TIP: Once the GPS setup is complete you can use the Autostar "mode" key to view the current UTC date, UTC time, latitude and longitude.Make sure to select NO for Daylight Savings.Take note of the UTC time and how it compares to your local time.Set Daylight Savings to 0Winter.If you see Align: Automatic proceed to step 10 below, otherwise: Use the handset keypad to skip past any messages or date/time prompts and reach the Align: Easy prompt ( make sure to select NO for Daylight Savings if prompted ).
GPS results are displayed but not saved.