maplestory cracked stone golem rubble

72 104 Freezer Seal Tooth A long tooth removed from Sparker; looks very strong and powerful.
(Root Abyss Daily) Vanquishing Vellum edit Class Any Level 110 Activation requirements Requires (Root Abyss) World Tree Guardian completed Location Laviola will contact you via lightbulb.7 4 Slime Slime Bubble A bubble removed from the slime.This signifies that the receiver has trained for a significant amount of time.Reward 7,560 experience Completion Requirements Talk to Talking Tree.91 142 Jar Ginseng-Boiled Water A hot pot that contains water that's been boiling with ginseng for a long time.It's made from a Wind Stone.123 229 Blue Goblin Red Goblin Axe Red Goblins carry this axe around to look tough.1020 6 Dark Stump, Stumpy The Eccentric Blackbull Firewood A high-quality firewood halo books zr rar from an Axe-Stump.It looks quite enticing, but it actually doesn't taste very good.Completion Requirements Talk to Jacob.Very soft and electric.18 12 Evil Eye.Pickall the Lock-picker completed Procedure Talk.Hand all the erasers and the cloth.Spiked in every which way, enough for it to be a threat to someone.Zakum, Chaos Zakum Lion King's Castle edit Aqua Road edit Aquarium edit Name Description Level Sell value (M) Availablility Used for Needle A long, sharp needle from Pinboom's body.Reward 1,296 experience Notes Axe Stumps are found at North Rocky Mountain: Mini Rocky Road, North Rocky Mountain: Big Rocky Road, and North Rocky Mountain: Rugged Rocky Zone.(Wanted) Mushmom edit Class Any Level 10 Activation requirements None Procedure Click on the Wanted: Mushmom sign at Singing Mushroom Forest: Mushmom Forest Trail Eliminate 1 Mushmom.Notes Neinheart will contact you via lightbulb, so you don't have to walk to Ereve.
Wetbottom's Secret Book edit Class Any Level 65 Activation requirements None Location.