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DCR-1540PRO.54X High Definition telephoto Conversion Lens : this lens extends the telephoto range to 215mm (35mm equivalent).
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Put them in the Olympus 8080 user group External flash Here is how to shut of the pre-flash on my FL50 (reporteyd by Brian from Denmark Go into the flash menu, set the flash to slave.Bulb is only available in M mode.This is a real hindrance to low light level composition and I dont understand why this needs to be the case.White balance settings ISO test: ISO.If you're after a large capacity card, then CF is the way.The Olympus 8080 is not too sensitive to infrared radiation (see the above image which required a 2 seconds exposure.4).It's a "virtual reshoot if you will.The Sonys power switch is also a spring loaded sliding lever which is almost impossible to actuate accidentally, but which can easily be turned on or off with gloves.If you don't mind parting with 20, Olympus will upgrade you to the "Pro" version of the software.Noise reduction Exposure information data (exif) The picture files of the Olympus 8080 contain the complete exposure information (aperture, exposure time, focal length, white balance and so on).Then no one is in time, to even think about closing their eyes, before foto is taken.Tha author complains that when you wear gloves you have problems pressing the buttons of the camera.Published Apr 20, 2004, on September 29th 2003 Olympus announced the five megapixel C-5060 Wide Zoom, as the name implies that camera was a step up from the C-5050 Zoom in no small measure because of its wide angle zoom lens.All-in-all, I like what I saw from the C-8080.Economy Handle Toronto, February, 2004, olympus C-8080 @ ISO 50, design and Ergonomics.Update.06.03: new portable storage devices (do a Google search to find the manufacturers' sites the Archos Multimedia Jukebox w/photo attachment 20 gb - also plays mp3s.ISO 200 Two images, both shot in RAW, both handheld at 1/20s mazda bravo 4x4 repair manual and.4.It lasted for over 600 shots (SHQ, all with the LCD on, about 10 with flash) and still had juice left when I got tired and interrupted the test.Astrophotography with the Olympus 8080 Gary Ayton has an interesting page dedicated to astrophotography with the 8080.
Polariser filter and other filters under construction The thread size for the filters is.