manual of gender neutral language exercises

It should be stressed that the actors have left their roles and are now themselves.
Therefore, the skill required to perform the two jobs is substantially equal.
You can produce this plot as shown below.
Table.1: Lexical Diversity of Various Genres in the Brown Corpus Genre Tokens Types Lexical diversity skill and hobbies.15 5017.231 fiction: science.223 press: reportage.143 fiction: romance.121 religion.162.Because systemic compensation discrimination often is a "continuing violation (92) relief for a systemic violation generally is available for all discriminatory actions that occurred in furtherance of the policy or practice (e.g., each paycheck including those that occurred outside the charge filing period, subject.This method of facilitating simply asks the participants to freely associate answers to certain questions.An entire business or 'enterprise' which may include several separate places of business." (42) For example, separate facilities of a chain store generally cannot be compared to each other.Now that we can use the Python interpreter, we're ready to start working with language data.Participants should be challenged to consider the other meanings the"s may have to different individuals.Westside Urban Health Ctr., Inc., 760.(94) The hot goods provision prohibits any person from transporting or selling goods produced in violation of the EPA.Provide two or three questions for Fish Bowl participants to discuss.Prompt indicates that Python expects an indented code block to appear next.See,.g., Mulhall.For example, the same experience and performance differences that account for an 8000 pay gap between.President's Council of Economic Advisers, Opportunities and Gender Pay Equity in New Economy Occupations (May boss tu 12 manual 2000).Such a practice does not violate the EPA if sex is not a factor and it is supported by a valid business reason.