manual cross country trail groomers homemade

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Pick up two 10-foot 2x10s; one sheet of 1/2-inch plywood; a 12-foot 24; about five feet of steel, square tubing (1/2-inch an eight-foot 23; a 1/2-inch by six-inch bolt and nut, and a bunch of three-inch deck screws and some shorter ones as well.(Click on the when asked!So you don't like Email and want to talk to some one who speaks English!What started with a 4" diameter plastic drain pipe and a lot of sand evolved over 9 winters into what you can buy today, the hptg skate lane.0.Sure, grooming takes time and it takes effort but in the end you'll have your own ski trail.Take the plywood and cut it 40 inches wide by the length of shortest side of recently cut 2x10s.Contact Information, due to the nature of our business!I dont yet count myself among you, but I am slowly learning the ropes.The hptg is proven and filled with little features that make grooming easier and big features - the material, the limited weighted contact area, and the snow packer - that will help you create your own private ski trail.Now, cut a 1/2-inch hole five inches from top of book-end-like 2x10s.I might as well have moved to the Equator. .This will be 40 inches by the height from bottom of plywood to top of the 210.Next, cut four 45 wedges (triangles) out of the 210 to give support to front of groomer.The Dead Horse Creek cuts the bush in two, and on either side, in a clearing, are man-made ponds.
Mfg of quality one of a kind trail signs Banners with full color printing, plus embroidering full color printing of apparel.
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