manager 01 02 manual

And so I dive straight in and its wonderful.
But now you know that you can have more, now you know that youre worth morewhy go back?
Another KEY thing you should do to raise cash is once you've decided to sell a player, list him for much more than his real value and see if anyone takes the bait.AM, cF (right click - no forward runs).You can play out campaigns in hours, not days.Eidos has always been aware of the special place the game holds in the hearts of many, and in 2008, the publisher made it available as a free download on portable dvd player dropped no picture its website and endorsed the unofficial patches from.Theres a reason you two broke up, you know.If a player gets homesick, get rid, they rarely recover from it and even when they do, as soon as they miss a few games they'll be homesick again.Almost any DMC will do well, some will do amazingly well.DC: tackling, stamina, strength, positioning, pace, marking, jumping, heading, work rate and determination.I hope it helps those who are perhaps struggling a bit and give it a season and see how you get on and if you have any questions and I can help, I will.You were young, you didnt know any better.Like I said, this isn't a bragging 'look at me' session, it's just an example of the success I've had employing the above tactics.M/app/415200 Blue flag mazafaka!Its like tumbling through the front door together.And you know what?But something has changed.Championship Manager 01/02 is still ticking over today thanks to the efforts of an undying community, and that's what makes the game so special.Much has changed since the days.If you have players who are going to leave their clubs on Bosman's, offer 1k to the club and they will accept immediately and you'll get him before the end of his contract.