kenmore water softener ultrasoft 180 manual

Follow S all steps exactly to correctly install.
Water without the hardness minerals (soft water) flows out of the softener and into the house soft water ter a period of time, the resin beads hold all of the hardness miner als they can, and cleaning with salt brine is needed.
Flow packs the resin bed and gets it ready for return to service (FIG.
Press and return to normal running screen.Check with your local public works department for plumbing, electric and sanitation codes.30 25 UlbaSoft ISO 0 I, 20 15.Recharge.aR_ tonigiht full safe game of minecraft 1.2.5 setting.At the other end of the Kenmore spectrum is the Kenmore Elite 420 Series model, which is capable of softening the water of large households with hard water.Press select to enter and re tion at the next preset recharge time.The salt level de-you see an error code instead of cal, on the brinewell inside the the present time of day, turn to page 5-2 under tank, has numbers from 0.OR other property, personal injury, OR POS.i section 2 :i!Soft water service and regeneration service regeneration When the softener is giving you soft water, it is called "Service".Before First Use of, this Product.UltraSoft 180 625.388180, caution: Read and Follow, all Safety Rules and, operating Instructions.Fill water 2-2 Problems, Questions?From the salt storage area, into the resin tank.Howev- ener valve outlet.Follow all steps exactly to correctly install.Note on page 1-6).Error code SET salt level To set this monitor system, lift the setsaltlevel face plate display if a problem ocsalt hole cover and level the salt in An error code could appear in the JE curs in the softener electronics.Refer to the Instal- lation Manual, part.If you do not find anything wrong, while making the checks, and your softener still does not worm call the Kenmore Water Line.Water Softeners (M - F, 7 am - 8 pm, CST) with Deluxe Valve, warranty.
Fast rinse: Backwash is followed by a fast Brining and brine rinse together vary in the length flow of water down through deviance call of duty 2 crack the resin tank.