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Supporting cast members rotated out weekly, especially in Unlimited.
For the film in the DC Extended Universe, see Justice League.
We're going to go inside Batman's subconscious, so you know what that means: Yet another trip to that fateful night in Crime Alley.Thats why its the original.Its hard to tell, because JLA does not have time to get into plot specifics other than Villain X is doing a thing, and the heroes must stop them!Doomed to die and be reborn, again and again, Grundy often reemerges with a completely different personality.This is interesting for several reasons.Hal Jordan is voiced manga for psp games by Nathan Fillion, reprising his role from a previous animated DC film, as opposed to his Firefly co-star Adam Baldwin, who provided Hal's voice for his cameo in the dcau.The only respite he has is when he's dead, and even that is only temporary.Out in the real world, Superman is pissed.He's even got a kid named Van-El, who gets into trouble but always learns his lesson.It almost seems like Batman blames his dad for not being a little more proactive about saving his family, a thought that he'd probably never admit crossed his mind.That's what Mongul did to Superman.While no longer set within the dcau, the film retains many of the plot points and themes of the series.
Sometimes you just want to watch Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and friends beat the crap out of some bad guys.
Unless Amazon ever adds a sidebar that suggests "Demigods May Like." you'd probably feel a tad self-conscious about your gift.