intratec 9mm luger ab-10 manual

Hammer or rubber mallet.
A basic level of competence is assumed in these instructions, as well as sobriety, legal possession of said weapon, et cetera.Insert the upper receiver tube and strap lanyard into the lower receiver in the opposite direction that you removed it, slowly and carefully.When it's done, you'll have a bolt trailed by a pair of springs.It'll move slowly at first, and be careful to not damage your genuine plastic receiver.If you damage yourself, the hobbit: or there and back again(middle earth universe).epub your property, your domestic partner, your low-rider, wall of graffiti, or fellow gang members, it's your fault.There's no trick to removing this bolt - it isn't spring loaded or required to be turned to a particular angle, or anything of the sort.Reinsert magazine if desired.A parts tray, dinner bowl, or something to hold the small, easily-lost parts as you.If you're the paranoid type, hide all magazines and 9mm ammunition in another room while you disassemble the gun.For the purposes of this web page, only the basic maintenance required to clean, lube, and keep your Tec-series "pistol" operating will be covered.( click here for larger image.Unscrew upper receiver cover.Firmly grasp the receiver tube in your hand and examine the rear end.Pull back bolt handle and visually inspect chamber to make sure that there's no forgotten bullet lurking inside, waiting to be eaten by a grue.Lightly lube the interior of the tube with a quality firearm lubricant (Rem-Oil, WD-40, etc and wipe away excess.Pay special attention, as with any firearm, to the chamber area, feed ramp, and barrel.Step 9: Reassemble the thing Place the bolt and spring mechanism back in the upper receiver tube.Once you've re-assembled the upper receiver, take the strap lanyard and place it on the rear of the receiver tube.
However, you own a Tec-9 - I somehow think you'll leave it on the desk just like.
If you're unsure of yourself or your skills, take the weapon to a competent gunsmith and ask them to show this to you.