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Extinction of a species (or replacement by a daughter species) plays a key role in the punctuated equilibrium hypothesis of Stephen Jay Gould human brain colouring book and Niles Eldredge.
In other cases, species have produced no new variants, or none that are able to illustrator cs2me portable myegy survive the parent species' extinction.
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This may occur by direct effects, such as the environment becoming toxic, or indirectly, by limiting a species' ability to compete effectively for diminished storyline 2 update 4 resources or against new competitor species.According to the "overkill hypothesis the swift extinction of the megafauna in areas such as New Zealand, Australia, Madagascar and Hawaii resulted from the sudden introduction of human beings to environments full of animals that had never seen them before, and were therefore completely unadapted.Ulansey, David, " ml The current mass extinction " repeats this statement with links to dozens of news reports on the phenomenon.When possible, modern zoological institutions attempt to maintain a viable population for species preservation and possible future reintroduction to the wild through use of carefully planned breeding programs.The three one-hour programs were filmed across four continents on High Definition digital video, and combined ambitious dramatic reconstruction with moving documentary footage and computer animation."Extinction: Bad Genes or Bad Luck?".W.URL accessed January 24 2007.Extinction, though, is usually a natural phenomenon; it is estimated that.9 of all species that have ever lived are now extinct.Extinction of a parent species where daughter species or subspecies are still alive is also called "pseudoextinction".Species which are not extinct are termed extant.Although trials are ongoing, she writes that if they fail: "We should consider the ultimate swatting."cite news last Judson first Olivia title "A Bug's Death" work New York Times date September url accessdate Cloning While no extinct species has currently ever been recreated, recent technological.
Olsys.27.1.83 Extinction by Hybridization and Introgression; by Judith.