error 1001 installutillib dll clrcreatemanagedinstance

So I waited for.5, but still bioshock xbox 360 game manual have the same problem.
I worked out a pretty simple solution, which took me quite a bit of effort to master.By, fenton Webb, recently, our AppStore team ran into a problem need for speed ps2 games with the AppStore build process by which a developer had sent us an MSM Merge Module for merging into our AppStore MSI.So even if you merge a Visual Studio MSM with a verifiably decent MSI tool like InstallSheild or Wise project it will still fail.I tried the hint from Michael to use the MSI service capabilities (did you mean: Install NT services?) but this does not work either.Jan Vandaele, 04:52 AM, hi Chris, I followed the Q108690 (even if my merge module is not created with Visual Studio 2003, but with InstallShield.5) but my problem persists.It's an open source project from Microsoft and it solves these problems including a great many that you are probably not aware.The problem appears to be that MSMs created with Visual Studio only like to be merged with MSIs that are also built with Visual Studio.You'll notice that if you run your installer silently qn) that you still get a modal 1001 error message.Take a look at the nfig and notice it's set up to support.0,.0 and beyond.If you merge the m into your non VS MSI before merging your VS MSM, it should work fine.Telerik Public Issue Tracking system and vote to affect the priority of the items.
Take a look at refactoring your code using Windows Installer XML (WiX) Deployment Tools Foundation (DTF) custom actions.