driver 2 disc 2 psx iso

Images in mode1/2048, mode2/2336 and mode2/2448 (CD-XA) are also supported.
The rest, I added changes Rancid-or mine.
Update -.53 (242046) - Includes support.55DEX (thanks to Rancid-0) - Added support Homelaunc1 (PSN / Homebrew from prison break season 3 720p complete USB) for.55DEX.Support PS3 games from external HDD (dev_usbxxx/gamez) or internal HDD (dev_hdd0/games) - Display game covers in multiMAN style (copy the JPG files like G to - Support large files (4GB) cached on internal HDD for games launched from USB - Obsolete: best life changing books pdf ability to replace.New Update:-.52 - Added check size when copying games (for the HDD if it is greater than the size 1GB, aborts, in the case of USB if it is greater than the size 1MB gives the possibility to abort) - Added the default BD-Emu.The patch tools have been unified in the same zip file.Update -.00 manual de saгєde mental 2013 - Ported entire project PSL1GHT v2 (hence the version jump) - Added languages within Iris Manager: press start, go to Tools (Tools) and the second option veras "Pitinglis".There is an option "Custom (from file to add other languages, such as Catalan or other individuals of our land.Fixed the problem of directory and file permissions to delete.For now is all experimental so be patient until Miralatijera of the key easier than I provide software support and provided tools and sources to compile XD - This will not like Miralatijera laughs: to launch PSX, removes "disco" or "light".Well, give with X until "talk" Christian laughs.I have not included in that if I see ass, ass want and will start asking everyone their language, and I can not deal with all that when you add new stuff!Supports the custom firmwares:.41 (Hermes.55 (Kmeaw.21.30 CEX (with LV1 access, like Rogero or Rebug).21 DEX and Miralatijera CFW.31.In practice may be the same, but since I can not keep track of versions, I prefer to be sure that what I've been playing, is still there, even if I have to work a little more risas.
That is, if the language has the required entry Iris, decision and if not, ignore it and use the one with default (this should have done so long ago laughs) - Fixed the problem that the FTP files not truncated.