dctxbb5 tools v hwk full version.rar

SAMs V trident B,E576,E758, X138,X180,X468P,X478,X568 added (dunl, IM,FL) USB flashing introduced for photoshop 7.0 upgrade crack HPE models (U600.
ADI KP260, KP265 unlock and rebuild fixed.
MTK KG195,KP199,KP220 support added.
Fixed flashing of non page size aligned files (rc1,rc2,ffs) Added flashing support for QSC62xx models.Swift-3G C5010B added (cunl, sect,FL) qualcomm A885,A886,F406,S3370B,S3370L added.You must be running HWK software to access support.Common Log to file fixed for Trident models.SX4 bypass introduced using temporary NPC certificate erase.(BIN bundle files open as Code).Use it for Frozen or blinking phones (KE800,.).Swift-aerofone E1050,E1055T,E1080W,E1170i E2P Size Fixed.Note: E2152 DX Firmwares cannot be Properly Flashed.UFS_SAMs v trident vision B3210M added.Improved FileOpen dialog, to Override suggested path to last used on same model.
RSA Lock/Unlock for All DCT4 products (not need Patch).