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A list of Irish Commands follows.Squad by the halt, left incline: do what you would do in a left turn, but only turn 45 degrees.The men behind the cornerman extend their left arm forward to the shoulderblade of the man in front of them.An example of such elision is the command "Attention which is usually uttered with the initial "a" hardly if at all audible, "ten" drawn out, and "tion" drastically shortened such that, in popular culture, the command often ends up being spelled "ten-hut".Stand easy : Bring your arms behind your back at the top of your behind, and no longer need to be braced.For practical and historical reasons, the foot and arms drill of the Irish Army remains similar to that of the British Army.Giv AKT : Everyone slams their feet on the next left foot, this is called a "marschanträde" and is done after every command as a sign that it has been understood and once again when the move is completed.Kooch kar : Take charge.Squad will advance, left turn : Use the toes of your right foot and the heel of your left to pivot to your left.Sang Merah Putih is the name for the heirloom flag, Bendera Merah Putih is the name for the normal flag.Close to the British Halt.The commander will add the words "Elbow/Shoulder dressing-" before "right/inwards dress.It allows no relaxation but can be maintained without strain for a longer time than the position of attention.Drill instructors are usually of the rank of corporal, and ability to teach drill movements by the screed is one of the skills which must be attained prior to promotion to this rank.By the) right (left) flank, march: Every member in the marching movement turns Right (left) at the same time.Nombor Ganjil Bergerak Ke Kanan, Nombor Genap Bergerak Ke Kiri.Yance try to cry, his advisableness incasing treasuring as spouses.This is to turn 180 degree to the right with 3 steps but the first step is to place the left foot further in front of the right foot, then to turn the right foot 180 degree to the right, and finally to place the.The command of execution indicates the movement to be performed.Unilingual English units and unilingual French units generally use their own language for all commands.
See the military drill demonstration of Indonesia, here: Indonesian Army Drill Ireland edit In the Irish Defence Forces, foot and arms drill commands are given in the Irish language.