call dll in c

I just created a new Win32 dynamic link library project and replace the default code with the code below.
The header file looks like this: dllimport void HelloWorld dllimport void ShowMe And the source file looks like this: dllimport void HelloWorld messageBox (0, "Hello World from DLL!
That's it, besides what C adds by default there's only 5 lines of code.
Your C# dll Will have to use COM and Interop.Willy, I'm happy to make the correction what is it?"pigeonrandle" pi @mwrote in message news: @a75g2000cwd.In the.cpp file where is says #include "TestDll.Michael Jan 17 '07 # 6 P: n/a Michael C "Mattias Sjögren" news:uD @l.4) Set the C# Windows Application as the startup project 5) Set a breakpoint so you can power of subconscious mind pdf in gujarati see that mts has indeed been changed 6) Run the project.The only one I need to mention now is the EntryPoint parameter, which we havent specified (and for good reason).H" bool apientry DllMain( handle hModule, dword ul_reason_for_call, lpvoid lpReserved ) switch (ul_reason_for_call) case DLL_process_attach: case DLL_thread_attach: case DLL_thread_detach: case DLL_process_detach: break; return true; int _stdcall AddOne(int Value) return Value 1;.def file exports AddOne Jan 21 '07 # 13 P: n/a Willy Denoyette MVP "Michael.This class is going to neatly wrap all of our native calls and such like.Shamelessly adapted from px, winrar win 7 64 crack but with some vital information added thanks to b0b - you know who you are.So c# will find the function.All it does is check that the pointer to our struct isnt null and then attempts to alter the two fields within.To get it exported with an unmangled name, yes.Other things it might do is add "A" or "U" depending on whether you selected CharSet.Deathly my proplem too.
Our function definition is a little more complicated however, so lets start from left to right and work our way through.