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The exact balance between simulation and arcade, between realism and video-game-y-ness.
I'm obviously referring to the Endurance Run here on the site.Cole, before he swaps it for a Thompson.Trauma Center: New Blood - Folklore - Blue Dragon - Medal of Honor: Airborne - Call of Juarez - ArmA: Combat Operations - TimeShift - flOw - Sherlock Holmes: The Awakened - Space Giraffe - Hellgate: London - MotorStorm - The Darkness - Crackdown.And that's why Portal 2 is a better game and, most importantly, my favorite of the two.Noire - The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings - DiRT 3 - Gemini Rue - The Binding of Isaac - ip Flux - Orcs Must Die!So let's cut it, which leaves us the first 2 Modern Warfare games.We speak with composer sean murray about his genre-bending score, the ideas behind the divergences from the norm and his special connection to both the game's setting and recording in Prague, Czechoslovakia.But, that's kinda most of what The Ship has to offer.He no longer fits the socially acceptable role models.They aren't the most deep, innovative puzzle games, but they're fun and clever enough that warrant a look.First came the shock, then the sadness and the tears took over for what seemed like an eternity.So, next entry in this madness I got myself into (which will be tomorrow) will have the second segment that I talked earlier and that should have been done in this one.
Of video games that were, in my opinion, the best and only the very best that the last generation of video games brought us (in this case, me).
That said, the "brotherhood" mechanic is by far my favorite of the whole franchise and whistling, followed by a dude falling from the sky and murdering the guy in front of you is just too much fun.