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Also note that controls are downloaded and installed using a windows driver help update utility Win32 API call (CoGetClassObjectFromURL) which relies on the IE urlmon.If you want to disable both, ensure Enabling XPConnect XPConnect is the scripting technology found in Mozilla.0 and later.If you cannot stomach the use of the f-word, do NOT read.To create an object using JavaScript, use GeckoActiveXObject instead of ActiveXObject,.g.Part of the effort to develop the plug-in and control has lead to the development of a bunch of handy generic classes: CControlSite An ActiveX control site host.By default ActiveX is completely locked down, so read the section below on security to learn how to configure.To tell the truth, i have been myself very frustrated just a few weeks ago, and considered giving up VDH on Firefox.Enabling LiveConnect LiveConnect is the scripting technology used in Netscape.x crack do tactical ops wojna z terrorem chomikuj and below.Quite honestly, I'm over the frustrated stage and arrived at the furious anger stage.IE has a big long list of controls which claim to be safe for scripting but aren't (including a lot of MS objects!).Whichever way the plug-in has been built, embedding a control in the page is the same.The plugin does not implement all of the weird and wacky things a control might expect if it were running.Here's a quick tutorial on using the SQLite Firefox plugin to view (some of) the data in your iPhone (or iPod touch) applications.Js Other browsers Here is an older precompiled snapshot to try out for other platforms.