asme b31 9 pdf

This code prescribes minimum requirements for the design, materials, fabrication, erection, test, and exide battery charger scrf 130 manual inspection of power and auxiliary service piping systems for electric generation stations, industrial institutional plants, central and district heating plants.
Also included is piping which interconnects pieces or stages within a packaged equipment assembly.
Comments on special conditions or requirements.N/A, cWI/scwi Endorsement Application, this item is currently not available for this program.Design of chemical and petroleum plants and refineries processing chemicals and hydrocarbons, water and steam.The processes and approaches within this Standard are applicable to the entire pipeline system.This Code applies to piping for all fluids including: (1) raw, intermediate, and finished chemicals; (2) petroleum products; (3) gas, steam, air and water; (4) fluidized solids; (5) refrigerants; and (6) cryogenic fluids.Standards Connect The World.Vacuum, compressed air and nontoxic nonflammable gases.The working pressure and temperature limits of B31.9 can be summarized to: Service, temperature Limits, pressure Limits, steam and condensate maximum 366oF (186oC minimum 0oF (-18oC) 150 psig (1000 kPa air, gases and vapors maximum 200oF (93oC minimum 0oF (-18oC) 150 psig (1000 kPa).Candidates may not use photocopied versions of the standards unless they can supply evidence of purchase of the document.Re-examinations for this endorsement shall be in accordance with AWS QC1.This has been withdrawn as a National Standard and replaced by ansi/nfpa Z223.1, but B31.2 is still available from asme and is a good reference for the design of gas piping systems (from the meter to the appliance).For existing CWIs, successful completion of this endorsement satisfies the re-examination requirements for 9-year recertification, provided that the endorsement is taken during the immediate 9-year period.Scope of Endorsement, section 2 of AWS QC1:2007, Standard for.Slurry Transportation Piping Systems.Fabrication, inspection, qualification, note: Percentages indicate the minimum required for each category in an examination.Refrigeration Piping and Heat Transfer Components.
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Hydrogen Piping and Pipelines.