alesis multimix 8 usb 2.0 manual

I only see one with a single USB connection - does that support 'N' input audio channels?
Mackie's Onyx 1620 Firewire and Yamaha's N12 offer other options here, but only if you've got significantly more money to spend!
The last button on each channel assigns that channel's signal to one or the other.The same 'gain bunching' effect that I found in the preamps also appears to exist in the EQ circuitry, although I quite liked that here, because it gave me more control resolution for the fine settings where any budget EQ tends to sound its best.The pitch-shifting programs call dll in c are good for a laugh, if not for much else in the real world, while the remaining 20 Multi programs create a variety of chains from the aforementioned effects types.Personally, I'd prefer the recording outputs to come directly after the preamp, removing even the EQ from the signal path to the recorder.However, input restrictions in this software may prevent you from taking advantage of the interface's maximum simultaneous recording track count.The 2-Track inputs and computer output can also be routed directly to the Main Mix bus if required.The EQ sounds better than a number of other designs I've tried on budget mixers, and I was able to massage a selection of different instrument and vocal tracks into a more usable form with ease.One thing to note is that you can download the user guides for most of these products from the website if you give them an email address.Designed with lownoise analog electronics, the MultiMix 8 USB.0 mixer lets users take advantage of 100 studiograde 28bit digital effects.The USB driver's control panel offers buffer sizes as low as 48 samples, but even at 128 samples on a steam-powered PC I found the latency perfectly acceptable for software monitoring.The requisite drivers are provided for both Mac.4 and Windows XP SP2 (WDM and asio).I also felt that Alesis might have considered including a high-impedance input on one of the channels for DI'ing electric guitars, which would have saved the home studio owner the expense of a separate DI box.All 16 channels on the MultiMix 16 can be recorded into a computer, along with the stereo Main Mix output, over the USB.0 connection.
The mic/line channels differ from the stereo line channels only in the input section, the former providing an XLR connector for mics, a balanced TRS jack socket for line signals, a preamp with up to 60dB gain, and an 18dB/octave, 75Hz high-pass filter.
Knobs and faders have a nice smooth action with a reassuring amount of resistance, which only adds to the positive initial impression.