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Why did you choose this profession?
It was a really exhausting job, and I tried to overcome the stress with humor: I drew small comics and caricatures for my workmates to motivate them, and they created a so-called "Wall of Shame where they pinned my works.In the last year since writing this, Git has gained a lot of momentum and support, particularly since sites like GitHub really took off.Are two questions that come up at the beginning, especially compared to SVN's simple "svnadmin create Git's "git western digital my book windows drivers init" can take the parameters -bare and -shared which seems to be the "proper" way to set up a centralized repository.If you want to make a copy of your code, you have to literally copy/paste.Edit: So this answer is now a year old and still generates many upvotes, so I thought I'll add some more explanations.Really, try it on Github, it's magic.Bitcoin's utter lack of regulation permits really hideous markets to emerge, in commodities like assassination (and drugs and child pornography ).Yes, there is a Visual Studio AddIn, but I still use git bash with msysgit.Bitcoin is designed to be verifiable (forgery-resistant) but pretty much untraceable, and very easy to hide.TL:DR; the current banking industry and late-period capitalism may suck, but replacing it with Bitcoin would be like swapping out a hangnail for.And a crate of beer.It was a challenge, but it worked great and super-fast, and my workmate lost his bias.Mix, match and personalize them all!
I first came in contact with Coreldraw back in 1995, where I absolved my apprenticeship in sign making and advertising.