2009 suzuki sx4 crossover owner's manual

One engine is offered, a cisco pix firewall configuration pdf 143hp.0-liter four-cylinder.
Fuel wise after 1000 miles, we're getting around 25mpg.The rear hatch, when opened, provides enough head clearance for those six feet and under.Pros, consistently get great gas mileage, my straight shift gives me great pickup on the highway for passing.Suzuki becomes the first automaker to offer a Garmin touch screen navigation system standard in a vehicle starting under 16,000.It was a simple fix.Overall, when you combine the looks, the sophisticated all-wheel drive system and standard navigation system, the SX4 Crossover stands out. .THE safety OF ALL-wheel drive, the three-mode intelligent all-wheel-drive system directs all power to the front wheels when set in the 2WD mode.I like knowing that it my wife is being chased, she can simple push a button and jump in the car.It has almost no blind spots with the corner windows.A key bonus to this zero deductable coverage is that the warranty is transferable to the next owner, pioneer navigation system lincoln zephyr manual adding to the overall value of the purchase.This is the second Suzuki-built vehicle I've owned, purchased new in both cases, and in both cases these cars have consistently given me high gas mileage reliable transportation for the last two decades.Besides the obvious body style, the key difference between down cad 2008 full crack the SX4 sedan and crossover is that the sedan is exclusively front wheel drive while the crossover is offered in both automatic on-demand all-wheel-drive and front-wheel drive.Two circular air vents reside on the far sides of the dash while square vents reside front and center.Two body styles are available: a four-door sedan (SX4 Sport which debuted in 2008 and a five-door wagon (SX4 Crossover) bowing one year earlier.Unlike the Japanese big three, Suzuki has primarily focused on fuel-efficient vehicles during its time in the states, with no minivans or full-sized pickups in the lineup.One final note on gas mileage.
However, it only comes through 2 speakers so there is a loss of quality.
My car is smaller than a Soul or Cube, but it has more (and more comfortable) back seat room and cargo area room than either.